Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wolverine and other Handsome Men

Alright. So it was an enjoyable film. Popcorn worthy. I dare say it is best viewed in a theater. Even though we have been inundated with so many special effects that none care anymore, portions of this film are undeniably pretty. And I don't just mean the usual x-men film perpetual gleam.

The last fight scene, and Hugh Jackman´s perpetually taunt muscular shoulders are stunning on the big screen. It had a plot, which I will not spoil, a surprisingly good sense of humor, and some nice nods to the rest of the X-men universe. (Look for baby Storm in the oddest of places)

Just one question that I think is playing on a lot of minds.

Gambit. Remy.

The most sexy and charismatic figure in that fictional world, was played by this guy. He looks good at a distance, he even has a decent voice. Was I charmed? Should I be? still making up my mind. My gut says no, the face is wrong, the accent... but I'd love to know what you think.

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esque said...

Hawt! Gambit's always been my fave and now he's a hottie too! lol