Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't we all love features?

Once again I find myself grouped with a lovely set of fellow etsy sellers in a feature, this time the theme is spirals, or round round, "curves, hoops, swirls" to check out the full selection, click on the featured photo from new York, to the left within the next two days.

This image was captured near 59th street, in my favorite city, near the subways exit and entrance. The day I took this shot the intersection was under construction, and there was also a man with a clipboard interviewing passers by on their religious views and thoughts about the afterlife. I snapped this just after giving him my own answers.

Funny how certain instances stick with you.


Southern Girl said...

That is a gorgeous photo!

Frenzy23 said...

I love this photo in black and white.

I have a lot of random instances from NYC that have stuck with me. Random people, passerbyers, its the best thing about traveling. Getting the opportunity to speak with someone who might live in a completely different world (okay...or state :) )

Jennifer Ladd said...

This is beautiful! And I love being able to hear a bit of the story behind a photo, too. It makes the photo all the more personal.


mama mouse said...

what an amazing photo. i love the layers of texture

kim* said...

reminds me of being young on the jungle gym only we are grown up and get to see pics and appreciate sculptures like that considered sculpture?