Monday, April 6, 2009

Flaunt Design

1. Color: blue. It makes me feel calm & peaceful and reminds me of some of my very favorite things; my daughter’s eyes , the ocean, summer skies, my favorite old jeans… Blue is the color of eternity...

2. If you could live anywhere... Oh, we would so live in Provence, France, somewhere in the countryside near Aix… It would be wonderful; summers with lavender-laden breezes, trips to the ocean, old Roman monuments, buying fruit & honey from local markets. Winters with a wood fire inside an old farmhouse, good books, wine - and enough time to make lots of jewelry!

3.About the Muse

My muse is mainly nature – though that doesn’t always translate directly! Sometimes it’s a color combination or a feeling evoked by looking at scenery that I try to capture with silver & gemstones. I once based a beautiful necklace of pearls, smoky quartz & adventurism on a piece of driftwood I had seen floating in the English Channel! Yes, REALLY!

4.If you could instantly change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If I could change something about me it would be to become more self-assured and confident, care less about what others may think about me…

11. Yes!

Wait, yes to what?

Many of you must be thinking...well, take a guess. I will post the winner on Tuesday April 14, best guess (not necessarily correct, I say, best) will win a choice of free ad space for one week in May, their own interview (Etsy membership not required) or an article about their blog posted on my blog

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Loved the earrings!