Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Tomorrow is my 23rd Birthday. Do not expect a blog. In fact, this one was pre-written and scheduled Sunday night. I have a busy week ahead, with a child prodigy piano concert in the Teatro National, a sincere wish to finish Clea, the last (that I can get to, I have not read Justine) of the devilishly complicated and intellectually satisfying Alexandrian Quartet by L. Durrell. Also, there is illustration work to do. 16 pages. If it goes well, I'll post some here, if not, I may never mention it again... and then a swimming pool...ah warm weather...with slight clouds in the afternoon...that edge of rain that makes everything seem more vivid...

This is National Poetry month, I challenge anyone commenting today to post a line or two of their own works.


TheEclecticElement said...

First, Happy early Birthday! Sounds like you have quite a day ahead of you.
Second, I SUCK at poetry. Lol

Love and Energies.

Piggy said...

Beautiful dandelion! Happy Birthday to you too :) Good luck with the piano concert :) I just went to check out a violin concert with my hubby recently :)

ps.. I suck at poetry too. :)