Friday, April 17, 2009

Pirates Forever Part 3 of 3

Reading the Map...

inal part of three of the alluring adventures of Justingeer, actor, crew, traveler, singer, writer, and oh yeah, etsy seller. Read on for Machu Picchu, Pirates, and more

4. Talk about about the best things you have ever seen...
Besides people's smiling faces and when wrong things are set right in front of me (like when a car cuts you off going waaaay too fast only to be pulled over miles ahead - I'm talking about justice being served)...So besides all that, it would be my trip to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru "The Lost City of the Inca's".

Machu Picchu

I stayed with my dad and brother at the base of the mountain in a town called Aguas Calientes, where they have natural hot springs that cost about 25¢ a person for all day. The view from the springs is mainly focused upwards to the surrounding mountains with the most beautiful foliage and bird life I've ever seen. But the day we went up the mountain 8,000 miles above sea level to explore the ancient ruins was by far one of the most brilliant and amazing things my eyes have taken in so far in 28 years.

The perfect structure of the walls and buildings and the fact that they were so structurally sound, is beyond impressive, especially when you compare it to how they've resorted to building homes and buildings since then. They used a slight A frame when setting their stones, which were polished to fit exactly against each stone it touched.

The idea is much like a standing pose. When you stand with your legs together, you are easily toppled, but when you spread your legs a bit and have a larger area to support weight movement, you find that you're balanced much better. It was genius.

We climbed to 9,200ft. up the sister mountain Huayna Picchu which looked over the ruins. It was there you could see how they built the city in the shape of 3 animals; a snake, a condor, and a puma, with the snakes tail drifting off to make the Inca Trail.

It was such a breathtaking experience, being able to walk through sound structures that were being built in 1460AD. They were well equipped with working water, an amphitheater where the crowds would meet to listen to the king, and walls built with indentions perfect to slide your head in, and when one person talked it sounded as if the voice were coming out of a speaker created inside the indention. It was a way of having meetings w here only those with their heads in the walls could hear what was being discussed. Being able to see the touch of an ancient civiliza tion on the same earth we share would be one of the best things I've ever seen...

"A Pirates Life for Me"

Although, on a completely different subject while in the Bahamas, the night I was returning to the set and rounded the corner that stretched about 200 yards to the end of a barge where s at The Black Pearl with smoke rising all around it and the flames of torches lighting its surroundings was such an amazing sight to see, and knowing I was about to board the ship to play a pirate for a few hours, it will forever be ingrained in my memory. A pirates life for me.

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