Friday, March 13, 2009

The Voyeristic Nose

As a buyer, it can be difficult to make an online selection of things one is accustomed to trying out, smelling, touching, with the rare exceptions of sellers who photograph or describe their items so excellently that one cannot help but wonder, anticipate, desire.

One such online shop is called BellaBubblesShop. The shop is owned Francesca, by a student in Northern Italy, who spends her free time creating bath goods and soaps.

Take a look at these images and read these scent descriptions by Francesca, and just try to tell me you don't fell like experiencing them first hand.

Francesca; "Well,My favorite scent at the moment is definitely the ice storm soap one! For this soap I used a great peppermint essential oil..."

"...If you close your eyes while smelling it you will see snow,wind,water and ice. (It) Is soooo fresh!"

In her actual item description Francesca goes on to describe the healthy effects of Peppermint, including its soothing, cooling properties and many uses, "...a valuable ingredient for comforting and refreshing the skin. Peppermint soap can be used for a refreshing foot soak or a cooling bath/shower to treat sunburned skin,dermatitis, acne, muscle pain, travel sickness..."

My personal favorite as a photographer is;

Francesca explains; "Another scent I'm in love with is the Princess one: a mix of floral scents, lavender,geranium and rose =) Very girly

Hugs, and happy thoughts this Friday,

-Bella and Jolt

P.S. Tune in again Monday for a conversation with Etsy soap crafter, artist, and photographer, Nemesis and on Wednesday for a special article on Starglow Studio.


Willow's World & Willow's Wool said...

Yum, they look amazing, i'll be sure to have a look at her shop. Nice blog :-}

Bella Bubbles said...

Thank's soooo much for this amazing post about my soap,you've been so kind <3 As I'm not very good with english I feel I'm not showing well enough my happiness =)
I'll just say THANK YOU!

Samantha said...

Gorgeous new shop, thanks for sharing! :)

equivoque said...

the top photo is just lovely!