Friday, March 6, 2009

From the Underground Button Factory by The Sea

Seinna Orlando

I remember when I was a little girl I used to go into my Mother's collection of buttons, (she kept them in a big green glass jar) and sort them all out on my bedroom floors. The colors and styles fascinated me, and there was something so interesting about the textures and shapes to little fingers.

Today's flash fire Friday feature is Siennaorlando, a Northern California based seller whose forte is tiny ceramic buttons. Siennaorlando released a brand new line this February, adorable, durable, and uncommon.

Siennaorlando says, "I've listed many of them, but just like Willy Wonka I have secret buttons in my underground factory. (No, I'm not going to tell you where it is!) I honestly love to giving gifts, and this is the package...."

"...In the "Everyday is your Birthday Variety Pack" you not only get 5 buttons for the price of 3, you also get surprises, and most likely more than 5 buttons. This is fun for me and you. Amen..."

Indeed...In her profile section Seinaorlando describes herself as a plant lover;

"I am inherently inspired by food plants, and integrate these forms with my personal abstractions of the cosmos and what makes up the fabric of the universe. In my crafts I make a strict point of using primarily recycled/refashioned materials in regards to the environment."

So, does that make you a mother earth figure?

"I'm sure I've never given birth to anything that big. Okay, okay. . . admittedly, yes. I'm a country girl/hippie/hipster/mudslinging/ fruit-pickin'/dirt-eating kind of chick. I'm really into old-timey stuff like folk music and bluegrass, but I think all of us in the 2000 era have that sort of space age thread, too. I mean, look how we're communicating right now. .."

Good point Seinna, I mean look at how we are communicating in this instant. Most recently you created a treasury, inspired by a certain parakeet. (not lame) Care to talk about her?

"I guess I could. I'm really not obsessed or anything. I'm just out on the coast doing a residency for a few months, and my boyfriend and everybody are back home. It's just me and Jimi Sprinkles out here. She's gotten into the habit of sitting or perching on my computer while I work on etsy. Every now and then she'll clack over the keys. We sing to Joni Mitchell together."

If you liked Seinaorlando 's etsy shop, and treasury than be sure to check out her organic sculptures at


Audrey said...

Really nice buttons!! My mom and my grandma each had a jar of buttons too. They were so much fun to look at.

Southern Girl said...

Those buttons look like a lot of fun!

Haru-Dori said...

what a sweet and interesting feature. neat buttons - very unique!

Times And Chimes said...

I just found this seller earlier today and have one of her buttons in my poster sketch for my next treasury!
I love her unique buttons!

Waterrose said...

I love buttons and we must all be in a button writing mood...visit my blog post and you'll see what I mean

Now off to check out that shop....I think I need more cool buttons

Jessica Marie said...

i'm really loving these buttons.

have a lovely weekend :D