Friday, March 20, 2009

A Spot of Poetry and a Brief Interview

o man
can't stop it
gotta gotta gotta
get down"
A few weeks ago I posted a thread while on the hunt for edgy Etsy artists. What came back to me was tiny glowing worm babies and flying clocks. Well, I asked for it, dark, random, yet hopeful, flight spirit, rather like Dada. Yup, sip sap, zadda zadda zim. Dadaism hits art like a ping pong ball hits (insert random object).

Wait, what is Dadaism? Dadaism is a reaction to the world that utilizes absurdity to question and undermine everything. It is also plain old fashioned cerca 1917 fun.

Dadasim rejected the ideas of the time, eschewed accepted logic and behavior, and influenced later counter culture, theory, criticism, and punk rock. It was
also a product of post great World War I despair. It is also a ceaseless delight in the phenomenon of thought. It is also contradiction, and nothing, nonsense and anything. It is also the best one word response I can call to mind to begin to describe this unforgettable creater, Artakimbo....

And now, without further exposition, The Interview;

1. From conception to creation, what is the longest an idea has ever haunted your mind?

I have a painting I have been working on for, I don’t know, twenty years or so. It is not done, probably never will be. I don’t much care for it, but I can’t seem to be able to put it out of its misery.

2. The flying heart is a recurring theme within your work, what might it mean or symbolize?

The Flying Hearts of ArtAkimbo's Shop...

"Love- coming, going,
flapping around,
elusive, annoying, inviting,
cloying, chirping,

3. Describe your ideal buyer…

An ideal buyer would allow total artistic freedom, have an unlimited budget, infinite patience, and a deeply loving nature.

Or just have a valid paypal account.

4. Five top artists, musicians, writers or other…

These, of course, change daily but would include:
Maxfield Parrish
Marcel Duchamp
John Singer Sargent
William Bouguereau
Keith Edmier

5. Three goals for yourself as an Etsy artist

1000’s of hearts
1000’s of sales
1000’s of treasuries

6. List Five Things you’ve got to do before you die.

I would like to develop mastery of the pedal steel guitar.
I’d like to see my kids win Oscars
I would like to build something that is astounding in its depth of beauty and meaning.
I’d like to learn how to weld.
I should probably finish that damn painting.

7. Ask yourself the one question you’d like to be asked, and answer.

Q: Are your eyes really that color or are you wearing colored contacts?
A: No, this is their real color.

For more about these oddities and engaging personality, see ArtAkimbo's shop or site,


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Artists are artists.Interesting.

Light and Writing said...

This was a fun interview! and very interesting items! Thank you so much for your kind words on the forum!

Anonymous said...

Your introduction was excellent. You have one of the most interesting prose styles I've ever encountered. Keep up the good work -- intersting blog.
-C. Taylor Brown
English Experiment