Friday, March 27, 2009

The Art of Wreath Making Lives

That's right
The Art of Wreath Making Lives!

In Victoria Texas at least, one intrepid Etsian is still making handmade wreaths and arragements of exceptional quality and variety...

Now, for a flash two question interview:

1. List six things, people, or places that inspire you.

1. My Mom - she is a crafty person

2. My Grandma - she always had such an eclectic style

3. Different silk flowers

4. Colors are a big inspiration for my wreaths

5. Ribbon - I can pick up a spool of ribbon and come up with the idea for a complete wreath

6. Pictures in magazines - I love picking up a magazine and finding inspiration

2. O.k Southerngirl... I've got to know about the name of your shop, the why when and hows...

I had a hard time coming up with a name for my shop. I wanted people to know what I sold - Florals. I am from South Texas (and proud of it!) - Southern. And then I wanted a youthful sound (I am 25 yrs old) - Girl.

So...Southern Girl Florals. It just came to me one day.

I started crafting probably about six years ago (mostly for family and friends). I just started selling on Etsy December 2008, so I am still pretty new here, and learning a lot!

I craft because I love it! It is not my full time job or anything; I am just doing it for fun!

Tune in every Friday (and the occasional Monday, or Wednesday) for Etsy related postings, interviews, give-aways and reviews...

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Southern Girl said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! Your blog is great!