Monday, May 25, 2009

The Beard Hat and Other Wonders

The Incredible Bead Hat!
from someone else's shop, as usual....

The idea was born in the midst of cube-jungle in the least creative of all places - the Accounting Department! My company had been going through a tough time and we were looking for something to laugh at. My coworker found a similar product online by a Scandinavian company that was trying to sell a bearded hat for over $150! He knew that I was a crocheter, so he suggested I try making them myself. I had made several hats and I found some patterns online for a similar product, so I combined different ideas to come up with the Amazing Beard Hat! I love hearing why people are buying it - one person thought it would be a great gag gift for her husband that couldn't grow a beard, another person gave it to her boyfriend to wear when he shovels the snow from her driveway, and another guy bought it to wear while sitting around drinking beer outside on a cold night!

When I'm not working or crocheting, I love to travel! I've been to 15 countries and I hope to add a couple more this year. I love crocheting while I travel (on airplane, trains, etc) because it's a great conversation starter and it makes the time go quickly. I love multi-tasking, and it's a great way to be productive, while also getting yourself from point A to point B.

Since I work at Circuit City (and most people know the end of that story) I'm going to have some free time in the near future. I'm hoping to generate enough sales to at least by a plane ticket to Europe to bum around and visit some friends. We'll see if that happens!

Spending a weekend without computer contact would be difficult! (I'd probably cheat and access mobile web on my phone!) I love to get away to the beach and just spend hours hanging out with friends staring out into the ocean while chatting, reading, going for walks.

Spending time on the water is another passion of mine. I've been waterskiing since I was young and I'm fortunate to spend almost every weekend of the summer hanging out on the James River. We've taught countless people to waterski or wakeboard.We've had plenty of crazy adventures on the water - one time we were having a picnic out on the boat and it started pouring - but we just continued the picnic anyways! Every few minutes we'd have to pour the water off the plates. Another time we were convinced we saw a big brown bear on the river banks... turns out it was just a cow. ;) I never laughed so hard as when my someone slipped while going down the ladder into the water and ended up getting caught on a hook and dangling from the side of the boat by her bathing suit!

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missknits said...

i love the beard hat!! i think its so clever and creative!

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