Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinosuar Run!

A delightfully youthful Interview with the very successful Annierexic...

1. When has your wicked sense of humor gotten you in big trouble?

Most definitely the time i decided to try my hand at social commentary at the ripe old age of fifteen. i wrote a very snarky myspace blog about how wearing leggings as pants is really really unflattering and gross. One girl from church thought i wrote it about another girl at church and it caused this big thing. Really i was just pointing out an unfortunate cultural phenomenon. Honestly.

2. Fast, a loved one, fiance, mother, or other very important or slightly scary person's birthday just leapt up on you, if you could give them one item from your shop as a gift, what would it be and why?

hmmmm.... probably one of the ANNIEsaurousREXic tees. cause everybody loves when eight year olds draw dinosaurs. even the people that say they dont. theyre lying.

3. Favorite color and a memory it evokes

Right now i'd have to say turquoisey blue, it reminds me of how i used to walk to the gas station around the corner every thursday to buy a blue ring-pop for seventy five cents.

4. Favorite scent, and taste....

Gratuitous violets soap from lush, the smell reminds me of the barbie bath products i had as a kid in the mid-nineties, it tastes terrible though, i much prefer the taste of blue ring-pops.

5. Favorite childhood memory...

im going to go with the time i was visiting my friends in oregon (i live in southern california, so i was very far from home), and after arriving at their house from the grocery store i started having this freakish allergic reaction to the soap i bought, and my eyes kept swelling and swelling until they were gone. it was really funny. especially the part where the nearest emergency room is half an hour away.

6. What animal best describes you and your personality?

a kitty! im completely useless except for aesthetic purposes. although that could also apply to exotic birds, but i hate those.

7. If you could go bungee jumping or parachuting any place in the world, would you? where?

i am SO terrified of jumping off/out of things that i probably couldn't. but maybe if somebody pushed me, i wouldn't mind parachuting into the ocean somewhere beautiful.

8. Favorite creation in your own shop right now and why...

the "all these people are probably dead" buttons. my bff marisa jane and i spent an afternoon buying books at thrift stores and then cutting out the black and white pictures from this AMAZING life magazine atlas of canada. theyre so interesting cause all of the people are different, and its really fun to imagine who they might have been.

Post script At the time of this interview, not everything in her shop was sold. I swear. Please join me in wishing she will make more buttons, and more...

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