Friday, May 29, 2009


1. Please introduce yourself, and you alter ego...o.k....especially your alter ego...

Hi! My name is Natalie and 'Natamon'(my alter ego). Natamon (which would mean 'Natalie Monster' in Japanese) is the creative, whimsical side of me, with a very large dash of the theatrical and bizarre. She has a voracious appetite for all things creative, cute, and even random. My regular self would be content to see and pet a cute dog. However, my Natamon side would like to dress it up, and place it in a themed photo shoot cooking breakfast. Natamon also has cute demands that must get met, otherwise, she gets very sad!

2. The relationship between animals, (insects as well) and humans in your shop is much explored...How do you relate to animals in your own life?

I relate to animals very closely, with dogs and cats having a particularly special place in the top two. Mind you, I adore just about any animal, including ones that most people would not find cute in nature, like warthogs. There is a peace I feel inside, when I watch animals simply 'be themselves'. I respect and enjoy the harmony of them being part of creation, and can truly see how they benefit us all. I think they help to calm the heart and make is smile.

3. I adore lemurs. This is no secret. Can you tell more about Soup for Two...?

The artwork called,'Soup for Two', is really part of my fascination with animals doing things with people, in a very human, personified way. I had not yet captured an art piece with a lemur in it, and thought the animal would make a very find guest to have soup with, in my mind's eye.

Commercials where animals are doing human things, snag my attention as if I am 3-years-old, I find them so adorable.

I also wanted to create a snapshot-in-the-life-of the characters in this piece, a bit like you were sitting alongside them eating. The mood of the artwork is docile and quaint, where the animal and girl are simply enjoying the flavor of the meal, and their company. I guess you could say it creates a storybook page quality too.

4. Names, where did the name of your parallel store, (dream trappings), come from?

I found myself on the brink of falling head over heels for jewelry designing, and knew I wanted to have my own shop to share these creations. So, deciding upon a name, I began researching less likely sources online for inspiration, such as a website which had old Victorian slang. This led me to further jog my mind about and settle on 'trappings', to describe the pretty jewelry that so many love to wear. It was a word I rarely hear. This was combined with the word,'dream', because I just felt it fit.

5. What animal do you most identify with, and why?

Most people would compare me to a cat I think, but I identify with dogs more than any animal.(My husband says I am much like a woodland creature, such as a rabbit or squirrel) Dogs, if well trained, are easy going, and loyal-which are qualities I can identify with. There is something about their attentive stares and love for what is basic in life. Love, food, rest and play. I appreciate those things very much too.

6. Are you a morning, evening, or afternoon

Certainly most of my life, I have been a night person. It has been a task trying to fight it, because
the day yields to so much needing to be done at that time!

7. Imagine and describe the perfect morning,
afternoon, or evening...

The perfect afternoon would be a fabulous temperature,(not too hot or too cold) shopping for lots of beads and art supplies, making projects with them, with a giant meal at my favorite restaurant for the early dinner finish.

8. Who and what inspires you?

First and foremost? God. I cannot have true inspiration without giving Him my thoughts and day to direct. He centers me, gets me off an running helps my work unfold. In the earthly sense, I think simply looking at ordinary photos of people and animals.

Many times, when I look at a photograph, I see what could be added or changed to create artwork incorporating it. Every once in a while, the actual art of others will inspire me.
Colors also, are a huge inspiration. I will look at everything from patterns in clothing, scrapbook papers-stained glass windows and find myself trying to memorize the colors I see side by side. I will then usually take those colors, write them down and think,'Ok, what can I make with these?!' That process is very enthusing, because it's a wonderfully fun challenge. I just adore color combinations and how they work together.

9. If you could choose another life, would you?

Many, many moons ago, I may have chosen another life. But seeing how both the good and bad in my life has shaped who I am thus far, it is hard to trade. I am not as close up to it all, now that the past is memory, which allows me to gain the grace of perspective. I may not understand everything, but much of it connects together, linking me with the now.

If I was someone else, no doubt the novelty would wear off after a short time, and I would miss the old me. I like to think my close friends and family would feel the same too.

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TheEclecticElement said...

That was a very incredibly interesting and unique interview!
Now I HAVE to check out her store :D
I wonder what my name in japanese would be...?