Friday, May 22, 2009

Sprout Mama and the Apacolypse

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Well, we may not have decided where we would be spending a zombie apocalypse, my friends are still torn between the high reaches of a mountain fortress, and a private yacht safely on the ocean, (well, if zombies don't float)...but assuming the economy tak
es a further dive, and infrastructure as we know it collapses...or everything melts and Kevin Costner shows up on a watercraft, or we find ourselves wandering the empty streets of London calling, hello, would be the time to gear up with sprout mama.... Sprout mama divides her store by local, ocean, forest, and desert, and her clothing, though apocalyptic in style, lends itself to an earthy sort of punk, environmental statement, or summer in, the interview....

1. Favorite apocalyptic film...

haha! i'm having a giveaway right now in which the person who guesses my favorite apocalyptic movie wins a prize, so lets just say it has a dog in it ;)

2. Now, beyond that film, if you had the budget, crew, and cast to spin out your own post-apocalyptic yarn, what would it be about? How would it look? Who would be in it?

oh man i've dreamed of this movie. it would start with a mother nature takes revenge type apocalypse...flooding, storms, locusts the works. after it all ends and settles and everyone who has survived is coming out of hiding and trying to start over a band of women finds each other and starts a journey across the country trying to get to where they think is salvation. they have to walk there and as they go on their journey they come to learn a lot about themselves and who their beliefs have all changed. before they make ti to their "salvation" they decide they don't want it anymore, so they stop along the way at some incredible place they find and make their own salvation. . . i want to make a comic about this....

"Things i am inspired by: comic books, post apocalypse movies,
the sound of bricks through windows, fresh baked bread, leather,
amazons, forests, feral children, rust."
- sproutmama's Profile

3. Amazons? As in Amazon warriors? And if so, tell us your favorite Amazon story...

To me amazons is not just the women warriors of the amazon... i use the word to describe all the incredibly strong and powerful women that have influenced me. i am privileged enough to have so many incredible women in my life with so many stories to tell about Salli Marcella Grace. she was an amazing woman who traveled alone, carried a shank, hopped trains and belly danced. she was the most genuine person i know. a true warrior. during her last days she brought food and water to those on the border and taught belly dancing classes in Mexico and danced in benefits to help those in need. she was always such a positive person. at her memorial someone told a story of how one day Sali and a few of her friends cooked a dinner in Tuscan, Arizona. there wasn't much food and so every one got tiny portions. during dinner Sali burst out crying. she said;

" i cant sit here and eat thi
s meal when people are out there suffering. in Mexico no one would eat a small meal like this, everyone shares with one another. they are so poor there and yet they give and give, here we only take".

After that Sali went back to Mexico and was going to perform her belly dance at a benefit show. she never made it there. her body was found a few weeks later in a cabin. we all miss her very much. but the thing about amazons, is that their strength inspires everyone around them. they never truly die.

4. Let's talk about the recurrent waves theme within your work....

the ocean is very special to me. the waves give me hope. not matter what ails you, the waves can wash it away. i had a daughter before my baby hunter was born. i watched the movie whale ride every single day that i was pregnant with her. when she was born i knew i would name her Paikea...the whale rider. i had a home birth with her and there were a lot of complications. she lived for nine days before we decided to take her off life support. the doctors told us there was no hope of her recovering. now whenever i think of her i see oceans. i know for certain they she has returned to the sea. a lot of mu designs lately have been a reflection of my memories of Paikea and of Sali.

5. About possibilities, tell the story of one of your favorite found pieces and subsequent creations...

Well, all of my materials are found pieces but there is one in particular. i was visiting my friend laddie at her cabin in the woods and as soon i stepped on her property i found this incredible stone. it was a smooth round rock and as i turned it over i noticed it had a perfect hole through it.

i saved it and saved it until i finally made a piece i felt fit. it sold right away to my lovely friend who had just found out she was pregnant, i wouldn't let her pay for it though lol. I'm glad she has it because the stone reminded me of birthing stones indigenous women used during childbirth. really all my pieces have stories. . .

Thanks again to Spourt Mama for this deeply personal, and fascinating interview. Readers, please link over to Sprout Mama's store if you haven't already, at

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