Friday, January 23, 2009

A simple Update

Last night as we were coming in for a landing in the San Jose night sky an earthquake hit the runway. This was at the latest possible moment, the pilot had to swoop up, only to dive back down a couple hundred feet later to avoid the flight of another plane.

This is what I've learned about people who think the plane is going to crash, first there is lots of screaming and praying, and then everyone starts to talk, or laugh nervously. False bravado.

In a group of two people in crisis, it seems one must always be more hysterical, the other in the lucky position of attempting to soothe.

In the end, no damages on the ground were found, and after an extra half hour of spiraling in the rather turbulent air above San Jose, we landed, and the passengers and crew erupted into a spontaneous ovation.

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Karrie said...

WOW! Glad to know you made it on the ground ok :]