Friday, January 16, 2009

Black Saturday Aproaches.

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I've decided to embrace the holiday, or that failing, enable others with a selection of hand made Valentine's pendants, and fine art prints for my Etsy account.


Last time I celebrated Valentines day in any traditional manner was in grammar school. My Mother hand sewed me a pink blouse with lace detail, and a matching skirt. I wore the shirt to class over blue jeans. By the end of the day, the shirt was ruined, and I'd realized that as soon as Valentines Day stops being about candy, and starts being about social anxiety, it looses its charms. Since then I've worn black every Valentine's Day,played pool, and mirthfully refereed to the day as Black Tuesday, Black Wednesday, etc.
This year, I'm going to try something else, I really am.


Sara Libbey's Jewelry said...

I absolutely love the first Photo!

Anonymous said...

Social Anxiety - I second that.