Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today we finally got power back where I am. Today we soaked in technology. My boyfriend confirmed that yes, the internets do continue without him, (sic) and I went seeking an image only described to me in that hour between loosing power and cellular. A friend of mine, a playwright, called Monday night when power went down to check on us all, I was eager for news, she said the photos were rattling, that somewhere a carousal in a glass box floated, fully lit, in a dark ocean of water.

Dumbo, Brooklyn, I told her, its not floating, but its way out there on the water, have you ever seen it?

So here, after much searching, is the image as it appeared on CNN.

And here is the photographer's Twitter.

And her Instagram.

And her blog where she collects clever marketing ideas.

Clever andjelicaaa. Keep going. Stay Dry.

As for family and friends who have shown such overwhelming concern, THANK YOU, now please, please send something to Staten Island.

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