Sunday, October 7, 2012

Off Hiatus!

This blog has been on Hiatus since 2009! Whew.

Just over 3 years ago I relocated to New York, New York. I put my etsy shop aside while seeking freelance work, a steady job, and ways to pursue my art while paying my student loans and saving for a Graduate Degree.

A month ago I quit the steady job for a travel opportunity in France, then returned to New York to pursue art, photography, film, and a growing fascination with Poets, Musicians and Performance Artists in New York.

Just to bring you up to date on my everything so far:

I've been into photography over 10 years, and travel for more than 20 of my short but so far eventful life. My last summer of college I worked my way down from Portland Oregon to San Luis Obispo California. A great deal of my images and creative ideas come from travels and encounters I had on that journey. I was also lucky enough to time in Costa Rica studying Spanish and assisting my Grandmother, a painter and a part time pensionista.

In the past, this blog was the place where I posted interviews with Etsy artists. I want to bring that back.

My Etsy shop is wirefox I also maintain a Tumblr of my photography at
and more of my work can be found at

Last time I posted, in December 2009 I put up a photo of one of my first New York apartments. Scroll down to see where I lived then. This is the living room of where I live now:

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