Friday, December 12, 2008

Blast from the past, I found this image today while sorting old summer in California Images, I miss...

The house in San Luis Obispo with it's horrendous unclean fish pond of mosquito death, and the black cat, Osiris, and the walk to work, and the fog mornings, and the Plam theater, and those days, do you remember, when beyond sake of cost or reason we would find ourselves driving and driving, usually towards the ocean, and then who knows where we could have gone?

Dear K, I've been asked to define myself in 750 words. I'm trying to think how California and New York figure into who I am, beacuse Colorado doesn't anymore.


E. Wellman said...

As a huge fan of the books, I myself was worried about the film living up to my expectations. But I went in to see the movie expecting it to be different and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like Catherine Hardwicke's directing style, it's very intimate, close, kind of raw. The script adaptation leaves something to be desired. Some of the best lines in the book translate very differently on screen. The meadow scene is bizarre and a little bit of a let down. The soundtrack is incredible and I think the casting is dead-on. I personally can only see Kristen Stewart as Bella and I think she does a fantastic job. Robert Pattinson is perfect as Edward. Actually, all of the Cullens are wonderful, particularly Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. The characters make the movie but the romance that builds in Bella's head is lacking, only because we can't hear all of her thoughts. Still, as a die-hard Meyer fan, I fully appreciated the film. Saw it four times. I like the interpretation the film-makers brought. So even though it's not completely faithful, I think it remains true to the spirit of the books. As a film buff, you may experience something different but I loved it.

CJ said...

You are who you are. Places don't affect that, they just provide a lens to focus in on facets of your self. For what it's worth, despite (or maybe in spite of) living in Colorado for as long as I can remember, I don't factor it into who I am at all.

On an entirely different subject: Hi! Long time no talk. I hope you don't mind me blog-stalking you.