Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adbuster's Cover Story...

(Photo of my shoes.)

I was struck by the end of the article.

"Dawn breaks and the last of the after-after-parties begin to spill into the streets. The hipsters are falling out, rubbing their eyes and scanning the surrounding landscape for the way back from which they came. Some hop on their fixed-gear bikes, some call for cabs, while a few of us hop a fence and cut through the industrial wasteland of a nearby condo development.

The half-built condos tower above us like foreboding monoliths of our yuppie futures. I take a look at one of the girls wearing a bright pink keffiyah and carrying a Polaroid camera and think, “If only we carried rocks instead of cameras, we’d look like revolutionaries.” But instead we ignore the weapons that lie at our feet – oblivious to our own impending demise. " (see full article at

I ask you- is lawful revolution in the cards? A camera is a weapon, or it should be, and we, the over-indulged youth of America are increasingly equipped. The author of this piece goes on to describe hipsterdom as the end of civilization, this all feels like 1950's de'ja'vu to me.

What do you think?

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